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Sorcerer - Greg F. Gifune Sharp, well-written no-frills horror. Gifune never lets the writing get in the way of telling the story, so there are no needless words here. This is a one-sitting type of read, clocking in at just under 80 pages, with a killer ending.

Apartment 16

Apartment 16 - Adam Nevill Solid, English-paced horror. The last third of the book was excellent, the beginning a trifle slow. My biggest gripe is the Seth character, who is sympathetic only because he is basically a moron. Nevill is a creative, descriptive writer, who excels at the 'creepy'.

Herniated Roots

Herniated Roots - Richard   Thomas Are you a drunk? Addict? Diseased? A burning shipwreck in human form? Are you a loser?No?Then you'll want to want to read these stories and see how the other half lives. Not a shred of hope or light in here, except what filters down into the gutters and burns these poor soul's eyes. HIGHLY recommended if you like your fiction dark as a locked room and so gritty you can taste the dirt between your teeth.

Crab Town

Crab Town - Carlton Mellick III Like Vonnegut, if Vonnegut had been batshit crazy, on drugs, or both.

Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn Not even done this book yet; I'm doling it out so it doesn't end. This book is fucking amazing! Like a trickier, funnier Dennis Lehane. Gillian Flynn's first book was great, second was a bit slower and less assured, but goddamn if this book isn't better than both of them. I'll update review when I'm finished - then I'm going to go back and re-read Sharp Objects.This book is disarmingly complex and compulsively readable. Nothing more to be said - if you enjoy a good mystery, a good noir, horror, or even romance, you're going to dig this book.


Run - Blake Crouch Very fast-paced, kept me reading. A fine example of a story that pours on Stephen King's 'the gotta' story-telling method.

Las Vegas Noir (Akashic Noir)

Las Vegas Noir - Jarret Keene, Jaq Greenspon, Jarret Keene So annoying to see the word 'peaked' in place of 'peeked' in two different stories. This implies that either two different writers made the same mistake, or that the editors replaced the word 'peeked' with what they thought was the correct spelling. Other than that, a fun collection of stories.

Outpost Episode Two Out of the Darkness (Outpost Season One)

Outpost Episode Two Out of the Darkness (Outpost Season One) - Finnean Nilsen Projects More fast gory fun

Cold Commands (GollanczF.)

The Cold Commands - Richard K. Morgan Better than 'The Steel Remains', which as pretty good, but had some slow bits. 'The Cold Commands' slows down a bit in a couple places as well, but I got a better idea of the global scope of the story, and the characters (except for the putative MC Gil, ironically) really sprang to life in this story. To clarify: Gil seems to to an entirely unsympathetic character. His first through upon meeting anyone is 'How has this person failed me?' or 'How WILL this person fail me?'. Unless, of course, Gil has fucked the other character, in which case we learn the character has fucked AND failed Gil. Fair enough. Gil has been persecuted enough.But Archeth and Egar, who have been loyal to Gil the entire time, are treated as humorous barriers or flat-out burdens. Gil cares only for vengeance against.... we aren't told who he believes to be a valid recipient of this thirst for revenge, but he is plenty angry. At himself, at the Dwenda, at his homeland.... His mother is off the hook, because she knew he was gay and offered some veiled hints. Of course, she didn't really try to protect him when his homosexuality was persecuted in his homeland, but still....So. While a skillful book, and full of thrilling action and full characters, it is missing only one ingredient: a Hero.3.5 stars.

Outpost Pilot Episode (Outpost Season One)

Outpost Pilot Episode (Outpost Season One) - Finnean Nilsen Projects Great fast-paced bloodthirsty zombie action

Old School

Old School - Daniel B O'Shea Wow! Riveting and compulsive noir writing. Short, sharp, shocking.

The Living Dead 2

The Living Dead 2 - Simon R. Green, Max Brooks, Kelley Armstrong, Tananarive Due, Gary A. Braunbeck, Robert Kirkman, Kelly Link, Steven Barnes, Adam-Troy Castro, David Wellington, Paul J. McAuley, David J. Schow, Molly Brown, Steven Popkes, David Moody, Brian Keene, Seth Lindberg, Rory Harpe Some weak choices dampen the latter half. Cherie Priest... yes, she did write a zombie that included zombies. Doesn't really qualify her to wrote for this anthology, does it?

Praise of Motherhood

Praise of Motherhood - Phil Jourdan An effective read, even if the theme is a little well-worn. A fine example of a young man meeting the one great truth: no one can ever truly know another.


Knockemstiff - Donald Ray Pollock Godamn amazing!

Point Omega

Point Omega - Don DeLillo Way too much going on in this book to even begin to comment on what I took away from it. Do yourself a favor and read it. Best book of 2010.